1 Jun 2010

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Alpha Tutorial Posted

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Below is a brief guide to Cataclysm. If you’re looking for a detailed guide on the topic, I can recommend Killer Guides’ Cataclysm Guide. In case you are looking for something with more step-by-step instructions, you can also give Vivi’s Unoffiicial Cataclysm Guide or Uma’s Guide a try.

For those of you that missed it – there’s a YouTube video by Fluxflashor by ShamaticWoW that shows you how you can gain access to the tutorial of the Cataclysm alpha.

His site, fluxflashor.net (formerly wowleaks.com) The first site seen in the video, fluxflashor.net, has now moved to wowleaks.com and is by the way a great resource for coverage of the Cataclysm alpha. There’s some great content there that you probably won’t ever see go live on the likes of the major community sites.

Edit: Apparently I got the author and his URLs mixed up (see comments) below. Article has now been fixed – thanks for pointing out the mistake :).

To get advanced content and recommended strategies about Cataclysm, check out the Killer Guides Cataclysm Guide. As mentioned above, Vivi’s Unoffiicial Cataclysm Guide and Uma’s Guide aren’t a bad deal either, though their focus is more on detailed step-by-step walkthroughs (which I guess makes them very newbie-friendly).

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2 Responses to “World of Warcraft Cataclysm Alpha Tutorial Posted”

  1. Fluxflashor Says:

    Hi Lisa,

    It would appear someone has misinformed you. Wowleaks.com is the website, Fluxflashor.net was the former, we switched over to a more user friendly domain a few weeks after the site launched.

    That video was also not created by myself, I can pronounce Cataclysm ^^

  2. Lisa Says:

    Ah okay – thanks for pointing this out. I fixed up the article. Sorry for mistaking you for the dutch (?) video author :)