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7 Jun 2010

Cataclysm on the Blogosphere

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I’ve decided to put an overview together of what other bloggers have wrote about the Cataclysm expansion this week. I am not sure if I am going to make this a regular weekly feature or not – however, given on the interesting ideas I saw this week, it seems certainly worth it.

Lissanna (Restokin) has an alternative solution – an Azeroth sight-seeing guide – the first post (in hopefully a long series) is already online. Along the same lines you can take a look at BigRedKitty‘s collection of favorite memories from Vanilla WoW to WotLK.

BRK shares some experiences of the Cataclysm alpha and gives you an idea (without violating the NDA…) what might go through your head when you start a Worgen hunter.

BigBearButt has posted a really interesting scenario on how crowd control can make a come-back in the upcoming expansion. His “giant example” (no pun intended) sounds like a terrific example of great game design to me.

Lodur from World of Matticus seems to consider starting a fun guild for the Cataclysm expansion. If you want to join him and want a say in the matter on which server to start, head over to the voting booth.

Last but not least – Blog Azeroth’s shared topic is a nice write-up of what everyone and their uncle is doing to prepare for the expansion (technically not *this week*, but I am cutting myself some slack with the first post of this kind).

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