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5 Nov 2010

Combat resurrection now totally logical

Author: Dugas | Filed under: News

The title is a lie. Blizzard has decided to make combat resurrection function differently in Cataclysm. They appear to be turning it from a perfectly clear mechanic (this is a combat rez, which means you can use it in combat) to something much more illogical.

This mechanic affects only raids and it is going to work like this:

10 player raids
You may use 1 combat rez per fight.

25 player raids
You may use 3 combat rezzes per fight.

What exactly constitutes a combat rez? Used to be that only Rebirth need apply for this, but Blizzard is adding Soulstone into the category as well. Those are really the only two abilities we’re talking about here. Probably*.

How will it work? Lets say you have a warlock and a druid in your 10 man. Your warlock soulstones the tank.
Your priest dies, and the druid uses rebirth to resurrect him. Shortly thereafter, the (soulstoned) tank dies. The tank cannot use the soulstone, because the quota of 1 rez per 10 man fight has already been reached.

Blizzard is contemplating adding the ability to use soulstone after someone dies, which kind of makes it the same thing as Rebirth.

*It is unclear at this point whether the Shaman’s self-rez will be affected by this change in any way.

I don’t like this change very much, because it’s going to cause trouble in raids. Someone uses their rebirth too early, or someone accepts a soulstone rez too soon and it screws up the attempt. If you tell people not to stand in fire you can bet someone will screw it up. The same applies to a mechanic like this.

See here for the original blizzard explanation.

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