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5 Aug 2010

New Cataclysm Patching System is Launched

Author: Frank | Filed under: cataclysm beta, News

Below is a brief guide to the new patching system. If you’re looking for a detailed guide on the topic, I can recommend Killer Guides’ Cataclysm Guide. In case you are looking for something with more step-by-step instructions, you can also give Vivi’s Unoffiicial Cataclysm Guide or Uma’s Guide a try.

Are you one of those who get bored while waiting for the client to be updated? Good news: Today Blizzard starts developing the patching system of WoW. Coming in form of a spotlight method, the feature allows you to resume playing even before the patch download and installation are complete.

This minor revamp shows a progress bar that appears in three spotlight colors representing the status of the update process.

Red (SETUP): Client is preparing core content. Do not enter the game at this stage.
Yellow (AVAILABLE): Major content is not fully available. Playing at this time is possible but not recommended.
Green (PLAYABLE): Installation is almost complete. You may play now, although a few issues might still arise.

The launcher is currently under testing. If you want to try it out and continue playing the beta after the coming patch, re-install your Cataclysm client.

To get advanced content and recommended strategies about the new patching system, check out the Killer Guides Cataclysm Guide. As mentioned above, Vivi’s Unoffiicial Cataclysm Guide and Uma’s Guide aren’t a bad deal either, though their focus is more on detailed step-by-step walkthroughs (which I guess makes them very newbie-friendly).

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